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it's a beautiful day outside

It's a beautiful day outside. I've been to the gym, briefly checked email, and now am about to go have a root canal. I took the whole day off work so I can go home and nap after the root canal is over, since I recall the worst part is when the numbing meds wear off and I start to feel all the injection sites in my gum (it's my other back molar this time, which takes a lot of shots). There's one more after this, in May, and then the pain should be gone! And my insurance covers most of it. So it's a good thing, in the end.

I figure a nap will set me up nicely to attend Philly Fantastic tonight. Greg Frost is reading, and I have to deliver some I Spy DVDs to him.

My editor safely received my revisions on The Duke and The Pirate Queen yesterday, so my next task is to type up (and probably edit) my handwritten synopsis for The Moonlight Marriage (draft title). Then I can finally start writing it. I really needed to start writing it at least a month ago. We'll see how it goes. It's due the end of January, 2011, to come out December 2011.

If you've been wondering about the cover of The Duke and The Pirate Queen, I'm not holding out on you, I just don't have it yet.
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