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Regency TBR

Recently I dug through my TBR boxes and grouped together all the "skinny" Regency romances I'd been collecting, mostly via BookMooch.com.

I think this is all of them, but am not entirely sure. Most of these I found via recommendation of one sort or another.

Comments, recommendations, etc. are all welcome!

Elizabeth Mansfield, Her Man of Affairs (this one is a recent rec, and sounds really good)

Joan Aiken, The Five-Minute Marriage

Phylis Warady, Breach of Honor

Julia Jeffries, The Clergyman's Daughter (this one was recced on a blog's sidebar)

April Kihlstrom, The Nabob's Widow

Allison Lane, The Notorious Widow

Catherine Blair, The Hero Returns

Bethany Brooks, Her Perfect Earl

Evelyn Richardson, The Scandalous Widow

Diane Farr, The Fortune Hunter

Elisabeth Fairchild (I read one of hers already; they are very, very sweet, but sometimes I'm in the mood for that):
Valentine's Change of Heart
Marriage a la Mode
The Silent Suitor
The Grand Hotel
Captain Cupid Calls The Shots
The Holly and the Ivy

Nancy Butler (I read one or possibly two of hers a long while back, and clearly enjoyed them, because I mooched all these):
The Kindness of a Rogue
Lord Monteith's Gift
The Prodigal Hero
The Bartered Heart
Castaway Hearts
The Prodigal Hero
The Rake's Retreat
The Ramshackle Suitor

Jo Beverley (I've been saving these, as she's one of my favorite authors):

Lord Wraybourne's Betrothed
The Fortune Hunter

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