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Today is a good day to support The Arts.

Today is a good day to support The Arts. Why? Because I have proclaimed it to be so!

Preferably with money.

Other support is of course acceptable, but my choir could really use some money. You enjoy it when I post about singing, right? So it's like you know my choir. They're your virtual friends. Even five or ten dollars here and there would be welcome. Also, it would make me feel loved. You want me to feel loved, right? *flutters eyelashes*

Go the Choral Arts Society of Philadelphia website here, enter an amount in the little white box, and click the "donate" button. That will take you to Google Checkout, and you can make a donation.

I did my part. I just made (another) donation.

The usual practice, when begging for money on the internet, is to have some kind of prize. I can't think of any good prizes, really. Very little means as much as music does to me. However, I read this article in a magazine that said Doing Good Things had a measurable positive effect on one's stress level and overall health, so perhaps that's what you get in exchange for your money. But for those of you who are more mercenary, forward me your donation receipt for $5 or more and I will draw one randomly at the end of the week and mail the winner...something. It will be cool, whatever it is. You can trust me to send something cool, right?

Don't forget, you can donate here!
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