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Is anybody out there going to BookExpo in May? Want to meet up? I'll be there Wednesday and Thursday.

Today's allergy cocktail consists of nose drops and decongestants, since the antihistamines weren't helping much and also made me exhausted and sleepy and ill-tempered. More than usually ill-tempered, I mean. I do seem to be breathing a bit better on that mix, now that I've finished the morning hacking, snorting, etc., etc..

I spent Saturday drugged up and sleeping and, probably most importantly, staying indoors, which seemed to help more than anything else in keeping me separated from pollen. If I hadn't gone out to the gym Sunday...well, I still would have had to go out this morning, to get to the day job.

It will be over soon, surely.

Due to feeling crappy, I didn't work on my revisions for The Duke & the Pirate Queen at all. Eventually, in late evening, I typed up some notes on WWI and then dug out an old piece of fiction which I cleaned up and altered so I could submit it to The Big Book of Quickies. I sent that off this morning.

Sunday, it took me a while to get started, but I finally got back to revisions and finished a draft of the island scene's new version. I need to read it over now, the whole thing I mean, not just the scene I did the big revision on. The revised scene does not match the grandiose visions in my head, but I think I will just encourage myself to accept that and move on. Because I have to start writing another novel real soon now, if I'm going to be turning it in at the end of January 2011.
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