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DR. WHO, "The Eleventh Hour"

Last night, after I'd been to the gym and bought groceries (more yogurt!), I watched the first episode of Dr. Who with the new Doctor, Matt Smith.

Short version, I was pleased. One of the things I love about Dr. Who is the periodic changing of the guard, which to me keeps it from growing tired. I've found something to like in every reiteration.

The thing I liked best about the episode was the way it played with time. The Doctor hops into his TARDIS, he promises he'll be back in five minutes, but doesn't re-appear until twelve years later. He takes a quick trip in his newly-regenerated TARDIS, intending to be back immediately, and isn't back for two years. When the new companion, Amy, asks if she can be back "by tomorrow morning," it's pretty clear to me that won't happen. It never happens like it's "supposed" to happen. For instance, the classic is Sarah Jane Smith's departure - he was supposed to leave her on Hillview Road in South Croydon, but she quickly realizes, after he's gone, that she's somewhere else. (In the new series, she says she was left in Aberdeen!)

That whole bit with the time gave me a real feeling of "classic" Who.

I also liked the reveal of Amy's wedding dress hanging in her abandoned bedroom. But is her husband-to-be Rory, the boyfriend we met in the episode, or perhaps Jeff, the young man whom the Doctor advises to "get a girlfriend"? Or someone else entirely?

From Smith's portrayal in this episode - and I interrupt here to remind my fellow geeks that Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy's birth surname was Kent-Smith - I got a real feel of The Doctor's character, already. He demonstrated a strong sense of responsibility, confidence and just a smidge of arrogance, and a modicum of fear that he might not be up to things, perhaps meant as a memory of his recent failures.

I loved that he stole clothes from a hospital - was that meant as an homage to the Third Doctor? Amy watching him change was a riot. The look on her face was priceless, a sort of, "hmmm, not too bad."

I found the Big Reveal of his costume, Here Is The Next Generation, a little contrived, but was okay with it. It could have been much worse.

I'm looking forward to the next episode.

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