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spring means allergies!

Ah, allergies! How I have missed you! NOT!!!

I did some major work on the island scene rewrite on Saturday. I can salvage some of the 7300 words I cut, and probably most of the sex scene.

Then I went and bought new Chucks, which I haven't done in over a decade. I'd forgotten how nice new ones looked - my old pair of high tops were worn extensively for at least seven years; the canvas frayed and the rubber toes yellowed. It was odd how very familiar they feel on my feet. Though it's been a long time, I wore them fairly exclusively for the last bit of high school, though college, and for at least five years afterwards.

After my trip to the gym Saturday night, I met up with [profile] feklar and browsed Borders and got something to eat. She listened to me blather about my evolving plans for the second WWI werewolf novel, and made her usual cogent suggestions.

Sunday, I did laundry and read a book before venturing out to see The Adorable Tots and help out with their egg hunt. Elder Tot is now 43 pounds, so I can still easily carry her around on my shoulders, so long as she doesn't press on my head or dance around too much. It is definitely easier since I've been lifting weights.

More work on revisions this week. They're due the end of the month, but I'm going to shoot for sooner than that, so I can get back to the new novel.
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