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i shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.

We're living in the future. I got to see the results of my blood panels on the web (all normal, except I need more calcium intake - I have supplements, but need to take them more consistently, and drink more milk and eat even more yogurt). I did note that my cholesterol levels were a smidge worse than they were two years ago. Still normal, but not as good. So more fiber, and more garlic in olive oil for me!

I had dinner at Dahlak last night with a couple of friends, and one of our discussion topics was mammograms. I'm having one this afternoon. My doctor said, sure, she's seen research that says having one yearly is only slightly better at finding cancer than having one every couple of years, but she pointed out that if you're in that tiny percentage, it does make a difference. So she recommends annual mammograms.

I worked out this morning. I was really tired from several insomniac nights in a row, so listened to Bach (instant happiness!) and didn't push on the elliptical. My heart rate average for the thirty minutes was thus 138, when pushing gives me more like 148-152. I think I was still in the "training range," but am not sure. I'll go back to pushing myself on Sunday afternoon. Then I did several different abdominal exercises on the mat and a couple of sets of fifteen repetitions on two different machines that focus on back/upper arm muscles. I went up to 75 pounds, but had to take small breaks in the sets. Not sure if I'm ready for that weight or not. I'm going to give it another try on a day when I have more energy and see what happens.

Tomorrow, revisions revisions revisions. Among various other things, I have to give Maxime some pants.
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