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I'm doing research reading this week and letting my backbrain chew on the new novel; I think I'll be ready to write the synopsis soon and send that in.

I got my revision letter for The Duke and the Pirate Queen this week. The requested edits are pretty minimal, but still require a little thought. Also, I have a bigger revision that I want to do for myself (I checked with my editor and she okayed it), so that will take a little longer. After all that, I'll run through various suggestions my workshop readers made and see what I can do with them by the deadline.

The part I want to rework is the desert island sex competition set piece. I had to bend logic a number of times to make that work, and wasn't entirely satisfied with how it came out. All three of my readers commented that the section seemed flat compared to the rest of the novel. After a little backbrain cogitation, I solved the problem. That section needs to be Island of the Lotus Eaters, from The Odyssey. Or the Star Trek episode "This Side of Paradise" (the one where Spock does Jill Ireland) is probably more like what I want.... Anyway, many logic problems will be solved by this simple (?) revision, and also I think I'll be able to make it more amusing.

I am sad that Robert Culp has died. I love I Spy.
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