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Bach tonight

I have not been in that great a mood since I woke up Monday morning, but am trying to look forward to rehearsal tonight - we're going to start on Bach's Ascension and Easter Oratorios, which I've never sung before.

Got awesome library loot yesterday, research for The Moonlight Marriage:

Redier, Antoine, The story of Louise de Bettignies; translation of "La guerre des femmes," by Olive Hall. It had slight water damage and hadn't been checked out since 1933. I will love it and squeeze it (gently) and call it Georgina. There's one more book on her in English, which is classified rare, so if I feel I need to see that one, I'll have to be prepared to make notes in pencil.

Malcolm, Ian Zachary, Scraps of paper: German proclamations in Belgium and France. This is an oversized but thin book. It has posters in their original format on one page, English translations on the other. I think it will be useful for portraying occupied Belgium.

I also got this one for the occupied territory information, in the hope that I can borrow some of it for Belgium. McPhail, Helen, The long silence: civilian life under the German occupation of northern France, 1914-1918.

And finally, Horne, John N., German atrocities, 1914: a history of denial because, well, I'm interested. It's a dense book from Yale University Press, published in 2001, so maybe I will also get some good bibliography from it as well.

I have another book on the French secret service on my list, but that was on a different floor and I didn't have time to go and pick it up. I was carrying enough books, anyway.
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