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zomg so tired

Dress rehearsals are exhausting. Mostly it's the standing for three hours, usually on a stone floor, but even wooden floors or carpet don't help much. It didn't help that partway through, my 24-hours-post-workout stiffness took over my back, no doubt helped along by the marble floor. Also, it was chilly. And there are a lot of bits in the Arvo Pärt "Te Deum" where we don't sing, and the string players needed to know about transitions since this was their first time through it, so it was harder to lose myself in the music.

I poked my head into the prepared piano to see what got prepared for the Pärt. (I crack myself up.) It didn't look like much--just some little screws balanced between selected strings and dangling there--but it sounded really cool. Will find out tonight if there is additional preparation for the Castaldo piece (the Mithras one).

Tonight is dress rehearsal #2, in which we will work on the two pieces that have assorted Extra Stuff for the singers to do, like clapping and snapping fingers and all that business. On the bright side, we get to hear our percussionists.

And today I am in the Author Spotlight at Jessica Freely's blog Friskbiskit, talking about the male/male relationship aspects of The Moonlight Mistress, among other things.
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