oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

that was a lovely weekend.

The sun shone this weekend. I mention it because lately this has been very rare.

Friday night, I ate at my favorite Szechuan restaurant with [profile] nifwitch and [profile] jen_sous_chef, so I could introduce them to the glories of salt-baked tofu. Afterwards, I walked home from Chinatown in a chill wind that was strangely enjoyable, perhaps because I was so stuffed full of spicy food.

Saturday was workshop. Alas, [profile] pointoforigin was sick and couldn't make it, but Ef and [profile] slithytove gave me excellently useful commentary on The Duke and the Pirate Queen which I shall incorporate when I do revisions. Then I traveled back to Center City and spent the rest of the afternoon trying on dayjob-style clothes. I went to a makeup counter and tried two different dark, dramatic eyeshadows (one on each eye) and then met up with [profile] feklar for Italian food, followed by what the menu referred to as "lemon mouse with lime crema." It was a most delicious mouse.

Sunday morning, [profile] drinkingcocoa and her Adorable Tots fetched me at the crack of dawn, all so I could have polenta-jalapeno fries at Sabrina's before the giant lines of brunch doom began. The Tots were even more Adorable than usual, and had a lovely time on our post-brunch walk and trip to Target. Then I napped and did laundry.

I'd be happy to do it all again. Except I didn't write. I know I can't write all the time, but it's lagniappe if I do.

The first of our two dress rehearsals is tomorrow night. A couple of our choristers did an awesome 7-minute documentary about the Mithras-worship piece, which you can see on YouTube.
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