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oracne - Victoria Janssen

I feel better.

Today I am pretending I feel better. I wore a blue sweater I really like, and my Boots, and my Malta necklace from [personal profile] barbarienne, to convince myself of that fact.

Compared to other colds I've had, the congestion really isn't so awful. Not sure if it's the cold itself or that these months of working out have improved my immune system. I think taking one day to mostly sleep right when it first started helped. Yesterday I worked out lightly with dumbbells and mat exercises and did cardio. I think the cardio helped the most; my breathing was clear and I felt pretty decent for a half hour or so, then got stuffy again. I spent the evening with [profile] drinkingcocoa and The Maw after Elder Tot went off to see a talent show with her daddy [profile] yrlnry.

The Maw was really adorable all evening. She once again liked my food better than her food. We also finger-painted, crayoned, and made raspberry sounds at great length (I knew I'd developed an embouchure for something!). Then we went out for gelato, a break in routine that she greeted with joy, once she realized we really were going to do that instead of dropping me off at my place. We played musical spoons (not making music - she just liked better the spoons that still had gelato on them) and afterwards had a run outside in the brisk air, which I aided and abetted because I am the indulgent auntie.

Workshop tomorrow - they're going to critique The Duke and The Pirate Queen. Yes, the manuscript is turned in to my editor, but I'll be able to incorporate some changes during the revision period. Aside from the previous workshopping of the first three chapters, this is the first anyone's seen of the manuscript, so I am really, really interested to find out if it's okay.
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