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busy day

I decided Sunday's stair-climbing did count as a workout after all, since I had some weird stiffness here and there later in the day Monday. So today is going to be gym day, as originally planned. Then choir tonight - it's the final week before dress rehearsals and concerts.

Official release date of The Duke and the Pirate Queen is December 2010.

I am now officially working on the synopsis for The Moonlight Marriage, and very excited to start writing. I may do that while working on the synopsis, because I know what the opening scene will be, and it's getting more and more real in my head, and I need to write it down before the brain-picture turns into something that the writing can never match up to.

I thought and thought, but I do not want to name the new character anything but Rudolf. Despite that's being a typical werewolf-y name. He is Uncle Rudolf and that's that.

Last night, I started to worry that The Duke and The Pirate Queen was terrible. I stomped on those thoughts pretty quickly. My workshop can break it to me on Saturday.

Gorgeous silhouette cover of Alison's Wonderland, out this summer. I have a hundred-word reprint in it.
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