oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

advantages of working out

Yesterday I help [profile] feklar with the final stages of her move from apartment to house. I discovered working out has done me good. I made many, many trips up and down stairs, carrying heavy objects, and it wasn't really a strain (though I did eventually slow down and get tired and hungry). Today I had a little stiffness in my climbing leg muscles and in my back, but nothing as bad as after a hard workout, and was fine after a very little walking. I've moved Gym Day to today; will do as much as I can and not stress over it.

Afterwards, we devoured Fancy Cow. Since it was a Fancy Cow place, when they saw we had dark clothing, they gave us dark napkins instead of the white napkins so we wouldn't get white fuzz on us. For context, I was wearing dark blue jeans, a black thermal shirt, and a black t-shirt from Laurel Hill Cemetery, all of which I had been wearing all day while carrying boxes and trash bags and random bits. I found this most amusing.
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