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progress report

Yesterday's accomplishments include reading over large portions of my manuscript, including the 7K or so I wrote last week and hadn't looked at since. I made various notes, and also looked up a few things on the internetz about cool details I wanted to add, for instance a description of traditional Japanese methods of tattooing.

Did not want to get up early this morning, but did it anyway so I could work out, just cardio and mat exercises, no weights.

More reading over manuscript tonight. I plan to take Friday night off to attend Philly Fantastic and see Kyle Cassidy's slides, the ones I missed at Philcon. I often take Friday night off anyway, so I'm refreshed for spending all day Saturday at the computer, or at least all morning plus the early afternoon.

Trying to decide if Maxime needs to get a tattoo in this book. Must do poll.
Tags: the duke

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