oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

Happy New Year!

I did some socializing on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, all very lowkey, but then yesterday could not bear to do anything or even go out. So I slept all afternoon, then watched some Nero Wolfe, and went back to sleep. I felt much better this morning. I plan to go to the gym.

It is very cold outside.

This month I have to finish The Duke and The Pirate Queen. I can do it. It's just scary to think about before I get back to work. Also this month, I have to write a guestblog, a short article, and my notes for Arisia panels.

Arisia is in a couple of weeks. I almost can't believe I'm going to be traveling again so soon. The netbook is coming with me, of course. I will likely need to get some writing done while I am gone.

Haven't seen any reviews of The Moonlight Mistress yet, aside from one on Amazon. I did find a pirate link to the audiobook, which I promptly reported. I feel no pity because it's not very discreet if your piracy turns up on a google search, is it? I realize piracy happens, and I can't stop it, but if it comes up that easily, it's my duty to cull the gene pool.

Less than one month to finish the book now. I have around 2 1/2 chapters to complete, plus some cleaning and tidying. It's best not to loiter around too long, because the longer you loiter, the more scary it seems. Once I get started, it won't seem like nearly as much.
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