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I feel much better today. Still a bit sore inside, but hungry (not for anything ambitious, just hungry). I'm going to skip the gym today and go tomorrow, when hopefully the soreness will be gone.

Dress rehearsal went splendidly. I was relieved to find that we won't be standing for all the arias and recitatives. That also contributed to the rehearsal being fun rather than a ordeal. It's lovely to be sitting in a choir loft listening to beautifully-rendered Bach at such close range, where you're really part of it (I'm within hand's reach of the bass and cello players). The church is also a closer walk to a train station than the previous one we've sung in out that way.

I finished one of my books on the Crimean War. It had some interesting comparisons to the American Civil War here and there. Mostly I liked that the author focused on each of the armies in turn, not just the British.
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