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Need to go to the gym at lunch today, or after work (choir rehearsal is cancelled tonight). Was too tired and icky-feeling this morning, probably from breathing through my mouth most of the night. Cold is much better, though.

Also have to pack tonight, as I head off for NYC tomorrow, to visit a college friend for Thanksgiving. And get my act together for my book launch, which is December 5th at Big Blue Marble Books and about which I have done practically nothing. And write one more guest blog, this one for my publisher. Oh, and finish my novel, and also write a short thing I said I would write - luckily, the first of my two cool books on the Crimean War arrived yesterday, and of course those two things aren't due until February. But I'm pretty busy between now and February, so FLAIL!

I'm a guest today at the Romance Junkies blog: Setting and Characterization Through Food.

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