oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

at least the to-do list is advancing...

I didn't write this week but I crossed off a number of things from my to-do list, so I guess I'm doing okay. Also, The Moonlight Mistress is going to be an audiobook, out in December. And I got an invite to a "hot romance" anthology with pretty open guidelines, which is why I am all excited about writing something different from anything I've been working on.

I'm liking our cool, rainy weather, especially today when I have the necessary extra layer. Yesterday the wind was a little too chilly when I went out at lunch (though it was fine when I walked home, or I had adjusted).

I watched the end of season one of Leverage last night while I packed up bookmooch books. Since I can't seem to keep up with current tv, I probably won't see season two until it's out in DVD. Something to look forward to!

Went to gym this morning, haircut appointment this afternoon. Have to call new trainer; was too busy with other nitpicky things this week to deal with scheduling a new appointment.

Also this week, I bought some reference books. Because, like, I don't have any. *blush*
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