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I'm not supposed to have insomnia this week. What's up with that?

Yesterday, I mailed review copies. I did laundry. I made a to-do list. I had an email discussion with my editor about cover ideas for The Duke and the Pirate Queen. No, I don't actually have any decision-making power, but they asked me about something and I gave my opinion. I also ordered a copy of my French translation, to see if it would arrive before my official copies. The official copies come from Somewhere in France. I don't have a contact there, so the time of their arrival is very mysterious, much like the origins of the translation itself. I asked about my copy of my audiobook for The Duchess etc.. I'm not sure I can make myself listen to it, but I do want my copy for the sake of completeness.

Georgette Heyer Starter Kit at the pro blog. For which I have many of you to thank, back in the day - a bunch of you recced me your favorites, many of which are now my favorites.
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