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Philadelphia's transit strike is over, so later this week I plan to be back to early-morning gym sessions. I didn't go first thing this morning; I'm actually a little stiff from Saturday, still, and am not sure if it's better to go work that out or give it a little more time.

I also plan to get back to writing this week. Last week I deliberately took off from the novel, letting it stew around in my backbrain, and instead wrote some upcoming guest blogs and emails about review copies and the like. Yesterday, I brought my notebook to Tuscany (a coffee shop, not the place in Italy, alas!) and focused on what needs to happen in the last 20-25K of my first draft. I probably haven't thought of everything - I never do - but it's enough for going on with. I don't want to waste too much time meandering around figuring things out, now I'm so close to the end. I have quite enough plot items going on already!
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