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Dress rehearsals are always the worst because you're standing almost the entire time, usually on a marble floor and usually too close together to comfortably stretch out your arms. And then I had to go home late, in the rain. My knees are a little unhappy today, and I didn't get enough sleep.

I did have a Dr. Who dream, though - I was watching an episode that had both Ten and Eleven, though I didn't realize Eleven was going to be in it until the episode was partly over. Also, there was weird splicing with scenes from The Man from U.N.C.L.E. as well as, possibly, I Spy except Robert Culp was the wrong age. I think. I find all this amusing since I haven't watched any television since the weekend of CapClave. Maybe my brain wants some.

Have been corresponding with potential book trailer creator. This is very exciting.
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