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progress made

I wrote 1000 words on my lunch hour yesterday. It went so fast because it was virtually all monologue, the big confession of past angst scene. I need to rework it a little because I realized there was a logic error in the story, resulting from me not having figured out all the implications. Writing it down helped with that. And once I've edited, I think it'll be a great scene.

Worked out this morning, and am seeing the trainer Thursday afternoon, the last time for this trainer, as she's a grad student. Will have someone else for my remaining sessions. Then I need to decide if I want more trainer sessions or not. They have been quite valuable. I definitely got my money's worth. I'm also thinking about a pilates class, but next year, as I have enough going on right now.

Rehearsal tonight, and dress rehearsal Friday night. We have two concerts this weekend.
Tags: singing, writing progress

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