oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

some writing accomplished!

All of 550 words last night. I saw other words I would like to cut, but didn't allow myself to cut most of them. I am going forward right now. I also made a few changes to the scene notes for the last few chapters. I plan to write at lunch today, and after work. It felt good to make progress. I am within about 25K of having a completed draft. I suspect I may have a bit more plot than that left, given that erotic scenes in this book take rather a lot of wordcount. Oh, well. It's a Quality Problem, right? And not everything has to happen on stage. It can't be every character's book, much as I like them all.

No gym this morning, though I considered it. I didn't want to be sore when I see the trainer tomorrow. I'm not that dedicated.

I'm now reading the second in a new historical romance series by Mary Balogh; both the first (First Comes Marriage) and the second (Then Comes Seduction) use variations on the "Marriage of Convenience" plot, which I've always loved; one of these days I hope to write the "werewolf marriage of convenience" novel. So I'm rambling a bit on that plot over at the pro blog. Probably I will do so again in future.
Tags: writing progress

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