oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

things accomplished!

Yesterday, I worked out with the trainer, and did laundry, and mostly packed for CapClave, and finished the script for the webcomic I won in the care faith hope auction. It's so exciting! I got permission to put the comic on my website when it's done.

There was a big box in the foyer of my building when I got home, and for a moment I thought it might be my French translations! But it wasn't. It was for someone else. Also, the box wasn't really big enough, once I thought about it. I'm not really sure when the translations will arrive, but if Moonlight Mistress author copies arrive when Duchess copies did, I should get them around the end of this month. (I got the Duchess boxes on Halloween last year.) I am also impatiently awaiting my October royalty statement.

Today, my inner thighs really hurt. Little did I know that I could repeatedly move 80 pounds with my thighs, first inner, then outer. Next, I will be cracking walnuts between them. Once I recover, anyway.

Tomorrow, I leave for CapClave.

I find myself low on things to say. Perhaps coffee will help.
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