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CapClave 2009 Schedule

I'll be at CapClave 2009 this weekend.

Here's my schedule:
Friday, 8pm, Montrose
Andrew Fox (m), Peter Heck, Victoria Janssen, Jean-Marie Ward, Diane Weinstein
From Harry Dresden to Rachel Morgan to Sookie Stackhouse to Anita Blake, a lot of popular urban fantasies/paranormal romances seem to be mysteries. Why add a third element to the mix? What works/doesn't work when you combine them?

Paranormal Romance: Just Chick Lit?
Saturday, 11am, Montrose
Jean-Marie Ward (m), Mattie Brahen, Victoria Janssen, Mindy KlaskyWhy is the main character in paranormal romances usually female? Is the audience meant to be women only? What is the right balance between the paranormal and the romance?

Broad Universe RapidFire Readings
Saturday, 1pm, Twinbrook

Bridging From YA to Adult
Saturday, 6pm, Montrose
John Hemry (m), John Bentancourt, A.C. Crispin, Victoria Janssen, Mindy Klasky, Karen Newton
What books overlap the YA and adult genres? What is the distinction? Are there books that shifted from being classed one way to the other? Are there changing attitudes as to what is appropriate for younger ages?
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