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stuff, stuff, lots of stuff

I have Stuff to Do. I need to make another appointment with the trainer for this week. I have to pack for CapClave - I leave Friday morning. I have two more visits to the cat I'm sitting, and choir rehearsal on Tuesday. Oh, and I need to write.

I haven't really written in two weeks. I think I might have sat down once with the file, and another night I wrote down what my brain had been chewing on during the time off. It is good stuff I came up with; things came together in useful ways; but the stuff isn't yet wordcount. I need to get moving again, and get it done. I need to write maybe 30,000 more words that tie up several plotlines, and then edit the whole thing, and turn it in by February 1. Factor in that I rarely get anything written in December thanks to a choir concert and holiday events, and the week of Thanksgiving is usually a bust as well, not to mention two cons and another choir concert, and you can see why I feel a little stressed.

I plan to have fun at CapClave, though. I'm bringing my netbook so I can write on the train, on the way down to D.C. - on the way back I suspect I will be too sleepy to do anything but sleep. During the con itself, I will simply have fun with natlyn.

Tags: writing progress

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