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In which I have at least a little muscle

I saw the personal trainer for the first time today (first of ten sessions). She did a fitness assessment including a three-minute step test (high step!) which I completed, but with heart pounding; flexibility check (not utterly pathetic; girlie pushups from knees (I did 20 and probably could have done a few more if I'd rested, but that was apparently enough to demonstrate I had moderate muscle); and situps (I only did 15 of those without stopping).

Then she showed me some basic Pilates exercises, focusing on how to get in the right position and which muscles you're supposed to be using. Pilates are cool because they were invented by Joseph Pilates during WWI - he was a German living in England, and thus interned, but he developed the exercises first as ones that could be done by wounded soldiers lying in bed. Anyway, they are tough. The exercises focus on your core muscles. The ones I was introduced to focused on my lower abdomen, then my upper abdomen and lateral back muscles. It's amazing how much you can sweat while simply holding a position with your muscles quivering like frightened little bunnies. I was interested in Pilates already and had read a little about them, so it's nice to have someone tell you how to do them.

I see her again on Friday; we're doing twice a week the first couple of weeks, then shifting to once a week, probably.

I haven't written at all this week. Negotiations are underway for having a book launch at Big Blue Marble on December 5th. I emailed an artist to find out if she ever did web work, as I was thinking about some art for my website. A friend of a friend might be interested in doing book trailers, but that's in vague early stages. And I'm thinking I might not go to the Romantic Times conference, even though I think it would be fun; right now, the idea of another conference just makes me tired.
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