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Blagh, only 300 words written since Saturday. Those words were working in some foreshadowing for a plot element I'd been missing, though, so it's good in the overall sense despite me being disappointed with the wordcount process. The draft is now just past 61K for The Duke and The Pirate Queen, which I think is actually going to be the real title because no one has told me otherwise.

I am eagerly awaiting my October royalty statement, which I think will better reflect how the duchess book did than the April statement, which wasn't really showing returns yet. From the April one, I think I did all right, by the way - I knew that anyway, because they gave me another contract, but I like seeing the actual numbers on paper, kind of like it pleases me to track my wordcount progress.

Last night we ran Macmillan's "Child's Prayer" and spent the rest of the evening on the Dueling O Bone Jesus, one by Macmillan and one by Carver. The Macmillan is tricky at first glance but it has many basic Macmillan molecules in its composition, so it's coming together fast.

The Carver was still an engine that badly needed oil - I forget that it seems easier to me because I listen to a lot (a lot) of Renaissance music, but in fact getting the feel of it is difficult if you're more familiar with more modern music. I recall this happening a bit also when we first started singing a lot of Bach. Some people could feel Baroque style. Some had to learn it. The Carver was starting to smooth out by the end of rehearsal as people got into the feel of it more, and also were worrying less about a few tricky bits. My own weakness is that sometimes I lost the pulse, if I'm not paying attention in a certain highly focused way, and I have to catch up at the next downbeat. This is a very weird feeling, since normally that consciousness of the beat is completely unconscious, if that makes any sense. I think I get those tiny bumps when my (unconscious?) attention gets snagged by a neat bit someone else is singing, or a realization (again, perhaps unconscious) of how some parts fit together that I hadn't noticed before. The Carver "O bone Jesu" has nineteen parts, so there's a lot going on.

Gym blathering:
My muscles were so stiff by the time I got to choir rehearsal last night, from my Monday evening session, that I seriously thought I would have to skip this morning's weights. Also, my thumbs were really stiff and I dropped my music a couple of times. I took ibuprofren at break, borrowed from a fellow alto, since after rooting through my entire choir bag, I concluded I'd removed the bottle at the end of last season. That helped a lot with my hands and a little with the stiffness. However, when I woke up this morning, I felt much better, no real pain, so I went to the gym and lifted and did fifteen minutes of cardio, which wasn't really enough, but I was going to be late for work. Going to try and do the drop-in chair massage this afternoon.
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