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mmm, Temeraire and Laurence

I finished Naomi Novik's Victory of Eagles last night and actually caressed the cover after I closed to book. So delicious. I love that series so much. I love Temeraire. I love Laurence. I love Jane. I love Tharkay. I love Maximus. I love a lot of the characters. Lovelovelove. I couldn't quite hold out reading this one until the next one came out, but it's out soon, at least. I realized it's kind of dumb to pre-order a book in hardcover and then hold on to it so long it's almost or already in paperback, but...I am a book addict. What can I say.

1000 words last night, sitting in a gelato place (I had kiwi and cream cheese gelatos, the latter surprisingly delicious, slightly tangy; the former tart and seedy). I got my protagonists captured by the castaway islanders, then did the rest of the scene where they figure out what the castaways have in mind for them.

Today's pro blog post is a list of my favorite girls-dressed-as-boys romances: Suggestions welcome.
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