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Margaret Ronald, SPIRAL HUNT

I finished reading Margaret Ronald's Spiral Hunt earlier this week. It's a contemporary fantasy set in Boston--really in Boston, with all sorts of distinctive local detail--in which magic users are considered part of the Undercurrent. The magic system in this book was just amazing, realistically dangerous and addictive and limited, and I'm really glad there is going to be another book in the series so I can learn more about it.

The heroine, Evie, has a natural talent, or "blood magic," for finding things. I really loved the way her power worked, and how it was described. She works part-time as a finder, part-time as a bike courier which helps to ground her and keep her from being lost in her magic. She exists on the edges of the Undercurrent, deliberately trying to keep out of trouble, but is swept back in when an old friend is in danger, and finds out many things aren't as they've seemed to be.

There's a cast of supporting characters I would like to read more about, as well--a female cop who doesn't quite believe in magic, the owner of a magic shop who's heavily involved with her coven, and an intriguing friend from Evie's high school days who serves as a parent for his little sister.

I think this would definitely appeal to readers of romantic urban fantasy--there are some romantic elements which are not resolved by the novel's end.

Spiral Hunt
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