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so, there's career which is fun, and then there's pure joy but shortlived

I am pondering whether or not I should attend the Romantic Times Convention in Columbus, Ohio next year. The cost is less of an issue to me than the fact that if I go, I will miss my choir's final concert of the season unless I skipped half the convention. We'd be doing Bach, the Easter and Ascension Oratorios.

I could, of course, still sing the pieces by preparing with the rest of the choir. I just wouldn't sing them in the final form with orchestra.

By April, I will have two novels out and have turned in the first iteration of the third. Several other authors who write for Spice are attending. I would, hopefully, get to talk to some readers, if not of my own books, then readers who like erotica.

It seems a simple decision, but for me it's really difficult. Writing is very important to me, and I can't stop doing it, even if I'm not getting paid. Singing is very important to me, and I can't stop doing it, and I never get paid (well, sometimes my choir as a whole gets paid).

But...this is a career thing. And I've been thinking, a little, about that "career" thing, and what I might want to do when this contract is finished. I would like to do a different sort of book, if I can find the courage. And...*flails*.

Input welcome.
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