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I got words! and HOGFATHER tv adaptation.

I wrote both at lunch and after work yesterday, and ended with a total of 1700 words, all part of a sex scene...which may be a tad too long, I won't know until I'm done writing it. It doesn't feel too long. But if this weren't an erotic novel, it would definitely be too long...and I'd be showing more of Sylvie's investigations and less of her fabulous clocked silk stockings. Sad but true.

I went home and watched the British tv adaptation of Terry Pratchett's Hogfather, which I got a while back with a gift certificate. For some reason, I thought it was two hours long, but actually it was just over three. Towards the end, I was wondering why I was so tired, but I didn't turn around to look at the clock, and was shocked when the story ended at it was 11:30 pm. It was a really good production, and I was absorbed by it, desperate to know what would happen next, even though I'd read the book and knew exactly how the story came out. The actors' performances made the difference, perhaps. I have a weakness for British actors (she understates profoundly). Ian Richardson was the voice of Death, and I really loved how he did it. How does one speak in all capitals? It sounded like he did it, however you do that. Marc Warren (he was in Hustle and The Revengers Tragedy and guested on Dr. Who) was also really riveting and scary as Mister Teatime with a weird high-pitched voice and a movie-mobster accent. Definitely worth seeing.
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