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ARC itinerary

After a little pondering, I've decided it will probably work best to send the ARC of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms in a roughly geographical way, that is, mailing it around the East Coast of the U.S. before sending it further afield, and saving overseas for last. That way, I hope, more people will get to read it and pass it on more quickly than if we were sending it back and forth from, say, New York to California.

So, if you want to be on the list, please send me your address - oracne [at] gmail [dot] com - and I'll try to figure out a logical path, and let you know. I'm reading the book now (yay! I'm meeting captive gods!) and plan to hand it on this weekend. I would prefer to make a single list of names and addresses to include with the ARC, and have people check them off as they go, if that's all right (let me know if you have privacy issues, and we'll work something out). Once you have the book, please read it, sign your name in it, mail it to the next person, and post a review or comments somewhere - your journal, your blog, on Amazon, wherever.

Karnythia is circulating another copy.

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