oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

Montreal Wednesday

Wednesday was devoted to the Biodome and a trip up to the top of the Olympic Stadium via funicular.

Alas, at the Biodome I did not catch a glimpse of the sloths, and also missed the otters.  But I saw at the golden tamarins and a baby monkey with its mother, a lynx, many lovely tortoises, enormous fish, ducks, the back of a beaver, and penguins penguins penguins.  After all that, we were too tired to go see the Botanical Gardens, so we're doing that today. 

We took the subway back to the neighborhood of McGill University, and ate dinner at Cafe Holt, a really excellent lunch/afternoon restaurant inside of a famous department store.  I had a really excellent open-faced sandwich--goat cheese, sweet chunks of beet, toasted hazelnuts, greens, and a slightly salty dressing.  We walked back to our hotel from there, quite a trek, and spent the evening mostly lying around the hotel room, watching tv and reading.

I picked up my registration packet for Worldcon this morning, and shortly we're heading out to see the Botanical Gardens, the second largest in the world (after Kew Gardens), and possibly the Insectarium if we aren't too tired.  Tomorrow is my busiest day at the con, so I probably won't get to do much so far as tourism goes.  It might seem like a nice rest!

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