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down and safe!

Made it to Montreal only two hours late (plane had mechanical problems at previous origin point).

Our hotel has goldfish! In a giant pond with little bridges you can walk on!

C. and I looked at lots of architecture then spent a really long time at the Basilica of Notre Dame wandering around and admiring it while listening to a rehearsal of the National Youth Orchestra of Canada. It's full of dark, carved and painted wood, richly colored stained glass, and lit candles in rainbow colors. I took lots and lots of pictures; also found the WWI memorial tablet. We also spent a while in the chapel, which after a 1978 fire was redone as a mix of the remaining woodwork and modern sculpture. It was all light woods, and full of light.

After an afternoon snack of tea and tarte citron for me, coffee and a tiramisu-like thing for C., we tramped back to our hotel and soaked for a while in the whirlpool. We're about to go get dinner, after C. finishes reading all the recommendations. We'd also like to at least have a drink at the Hotel Place D'Armes, because it has a rooftop bar. It's next to the oldest skyscraper in Montreal, which is made of brownstone and looks a little like The Bourse in Philadelphia, except it has a cool clock. Next to that is a building whose name I've temporarily forgotten, but it's Art Deco and looks scarily like the Empire State Building except much, much shorter.
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