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author alterations

I am not much of interest right now because I am obsessed with paragraphing in Moonlight Mistress. That seems to be the thing that stops me short most often in my reading. Should I have broken that paragraph earlier? Do those sentences really belong together? Is it too long? If I added a break, would it be too short?

Mostly, I've decided that if I ponder it too long, I have to leave it as is. The typesetter people will be grateful, I hope.

I'm making a lot fewer changes than I did on my Author Alterations for The Duchess etc. A couple of times I've changed words so I wouldn't use the same distinctive word in too close proximity (well, a few pages proximity).  Otherwise...only four small errors so far that I've seen, one of those a capitalization thing that would have been okay even if I hadn't noticed it.  I'm into the second hundred pages now, of 381.
Tags: business of writing, werewolf

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