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ah! ah! ah!

I am in that flailing state of too many details, too little brain, too much to do in too little time. I leave for RWA National in the morning, and I haven't packed, this from a usually insanely organized packer who makes lists and puts things into the suitcase days ahead of time. At present, I have picked out my clothes (most of them. I think.) and put them in a pile, and thrown a lot of other random crap into my open suitcase, like an evening bag and extra camera batteries and business cards still in their boxes and train tickets and and and. Have to organize all that tonight.

Have emailed my three roomies for the event so we all have each others' cell numbers. I've never met any of them before.

If I don't write myself out a schedule, I am going to miss one of the several events I'm supposed to attend. I sort of kind of did that last week, but really my schedule is a pile of individual invitations that I need to organize.

Oh, and sleep. What is this sleep thing, anyway?

Meanwhile, hanging over my head is the Author Alterations for Moonlight Mistress. I am not going to even attempt to look at the manuscript until I get back home again. I'll still have a week or so to work on it then, and I think the manuscript is pretty clean.
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