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Tentative Worldcon Schedule

Anticipation will be held in Montréal, Quebec, at the Palais des congrès de Montréal from August 6th - 10th, 2009.

Tentative Worldcon Schedule

Session ID:  201
Author Readings
Fri 3:30 PM, P-521A, 1 1/2 hours
Eric Choi, James Cambias, Louise Marley, Victoria Janssen

Session ID:  269
What's New in SF/F for Children & Teens: A discussion of what's new in science fiction and fantasy for kids.
Fri 10:00 AM, P-510C, 1 hour
Sharon Rawlins (mod.), Susan Fichtelberg, Victoria Janssen

Session ID:  672
Writing Workshop Q
Sun 11:00 AM, D-Royer, 2 hours
P. C. Hodgell, Victoria Janssen

Session ID:  724
Vampire Rules--and How to Recognize Them Without a Mirror: Are there vampire rules that writers MUST follow? Some experts and enthusiasts discuss vampires, including eastern vs western vampires.
Fri 9:00 PM, P-513B, 1 hour
Victoria Janssen (mod.), Inanna Arthen, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Karen Dales

Session ID:  769
Erotic Writing Sources and Venues: Writers talk about what they write: erotica. How do they research it, how much plot is required, what's the market for it, and how do they keep things "fresh." 
Fri 10:00 PM, P-522B, 1 hour
Traci N. Castleberry (mod.), Cecilia Tan, Darlene Marshall, Victoria Janssen

Session ID:  855
Paranormal Romance for Teens: Who knew romance could be so weird? Meet an author of many of the Sweet Valley High books, and other writers who like to romanticize vampires, werewolves, and zombies.
Sun 10:00 AM, P-524A, 1 hour
Cathy Petrini (mod.), Anne Harris, Carole Ann Moleti, Kerrie Hughes, Victoria Janssen
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