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day of rest

No writing today, as I digest yesterday's excellent critique from slithytove, mroctober, pointoforigin, and filomancer. Am pondering how I can incorporate various suggestions, if those suggestions would work for the sort of novel this is, and how much better I aspire to make it, and if "better" in my opinion will make it more or less popular with readers (a thing I try to prevent myself from worrying about, as useless approval-seeking, and yet I do), and whether I should consult my editor about one or two plot ideas that are different from the synopsis they bought, or if I should just stop worrying about all that and go to Readercon this weekend, and let my backbrain make all the decisions, as it usually does. The subconscious has been giving me floods of anxiety dreams the last three days, or maybe it's four. I would like that to stop now, please.

It was a lovely break, if tiring, to go and play with Mademoiselle and The Maw after I got back from workshop.

Travel to Readercon is sorted, and I'm pretty much packed. Thank goodness I accomplished something. Still need to pack for RWA, because I leave for that two days after I return from Readercon, and will probably need to sleep or something in those two days.

Understatement: I was very glad to see filomancer yesterday.

My wordcounts on Friday and Saturday were 1530 and 1576, quite respectable, though I have done better in similar situations.

Dinner out tonight with feklar and barbarienne, then dinner out tomorrow with non-LJ people, then a haircut on Wednesday.
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