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moving right along

1100 words last night on the pirate novel, on the tender scene following the Big Storm. Soon, they shall careen the ship on a Desert Island. These things are important in Sea Adventures, you see.

On the 42 bus this morning, the youngish black woman next to me was reading a trade paperback edition of David Eddings' Malloren. She was wearing blue scrubs and looked tired. Across from me and a bit back was a young white man in a shirt and tie, clutching a very tidy gray stick umbrella and a businesslike black folder, along with a crisp trade paperback copy of Richard Adams' Watership Down. The woman sitting in front of me had a Yoda tattoo on her right bicep; next to her was a student-type reading a novel in Spanish, with occasional underlinings pencilled notes in the margins, which led me to think she was studying the language. Couldn't see the title.

Today's pro blog post is on cultural appropriation, specifically relating to paranormal characters and mythologies. I didn't say anything really new, and gave a list of links at the end - would welcome suggestions for additional links, if anyone has them. Also critique, of course. Direct link.

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