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progress report

My writing progress this weekend, so far as actual words on the page, was null, but I did think about some things, so it wasn't a total loss. Ummm, yeah.

Saturday night, I read comics--The Order volume one by Matt Fraction and some collected Daredevil issues (by Ed Brubaker). Sometimes I'm in the mood for nothing but comics. I really liked the art (Michael Lark did the pencils)in the Daredevils--a lot of sepia and black with red highlights. The Order reminded me a little of Alias (comic, not tv show) in tone and its meta-commentary on superheroes and fame, but it wasn't as good.

I decided on impulse yesterday to take the bus to King of Prussia mall, which is gigantic, and spent the afternoon wandering around there. Also bought a couple of shirts on clearance and a gorgeous vest that wasn't. I saw people in line outside the Apple store, presumably to buy the new phone. Otherwise, it wasn't too crowded.

Posted WWI war bonds posters on the pro blog today.

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