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progress report and Jesus dollars and Anne Stuart

540 words at lunch yesterday, or thereabouts, and I intended to write after work, but was just so sleep-deprived that I finally decided to go to bed early instead. I feel much better today.

No lunchtime writing today because I am meeting drinkingcocoa and The Maw for lunch. Was planning to take the night off, but if I get twitchy maybe I'll write. Saturday is totally a writing day.

This morning there was a song on the radio which repeated over and over again the line, "make a dollar out of Jesus." And I kept wondering if that was related to making a mushroom out of George Washington by folding the dollar bill. Until the song ended and the title was announced as "You'd Make a Doubter Out of Jesus." Oh.

I am reading Blue Ice by Anne Stuart which is yet another one of hers in which the hero and heroine meet because he's supposed to kill her to prevent a massacre, and he in fact is about to kill her a couple of times, once even making her unconscious and submerging her under the water, but then can't go through with it, which turns out okay because she holds an Important Secret which is also needed to prevent the massacre. There is clearly some romantic fantasy there, but I can't quite identify what it might be. "She was the Love of His Life--she was the only one he couldn't quite bring himself to kill?"
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