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progress report, Hoyt: TO BEGUILE A BEAST

500 words at lunch yesterday.  I'm writing at lunch again today.

No writing last night because I went out to dinner at Susanna Foo with feklar and barbarienne. I had crispy duck.  I don't often eat duck, because it has to be cooked just right for me to like it.  This was just right.  Crispy!  I don't plan to tell the Adorable Tots I ate duck, though.  Just in case.

Sent the first bit of the pirate novel off to my workshop, assuming our schedule works out for it.

I'm devouring Elizabeth Hoyt's To Beguile a Beast.  It's third in a series of Georgian period historical romances.  You don't need to read the prior ones to enjoy this one, though they've all been excellent.  I am loving this one because the hero is a grumpy naturalist.  The heroine is on the run and needs his castle as a hiding place for her and her two children, so she basically forces him to accept her as his housekeeper.  Animal warning:  There is a sad bit with a dog but it's over quickly, then there is a puppy.
Tags: historical, romance
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