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Feminism in the Tang Dynasty and lunchtime writing

I have a guestblogger over at the pro blog today. She wrote on Feminism in the Tang Dynasty: the Footbinding Dilemma.

I'm going to try and do some lunchtime writing this week. And maybe hide somewhere after work and write some more instead of going home. I need to get further into this manuscript before I'm out of town for Readercon and RWA National and Worldcon.

I wrote about a thousand words this weekend on the pirate novel, and drafted a synopsis for a "virgin widower" story set in WWI, for a possibly collaborative project. He's a British ambulance driver, widowed by the Influenza epidemic! She's a German prisoner of war! They fight crime! It would be maybe 30,000 words at most. I won't have any news on that for quite some time. It'll likely be a few weeks before my collaborators and I begin serious work on the proposal.

ETA: I forgot that I was interviewed today at We Heart Historicals.
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