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Okay, so yesterday I got six pages of Bach to prepare for my re-audition for choir, which is tomorrow night. Which means I have very little time to actually prepare it. Luckily, it's Bach, and doesn't look too tricky.

I've been trying to pick an art song for my solo piece and early this morning finally settled on Brahms' "Sonntag" because I realized I couldn't remember all of my Italian pronounciation, it's been so long since I sang in Italian (and also, I never took Italian, whereas I have had some German, so it sticks a lot better).

"Sonntag" is sprightly, and I like it. Also, it's not that long.

Despite loving to sing in choir more than, well, almost anything, I'm not a big fan of singing solo pieces that aren't folk songs or similar. I think it's because I know what a real pro sounds like, and I am not that, and I feel like a failure when I sing a pro sort of song. Yes, I could take lessons, but I don't want to commit the time I would need to become halfway competent. It's too late for that, and I don't even enjoy it that much, and as it stands, I only have to sing solo once a year, for one person who already knows me and doubtless forgives many a vocal sin because I am a kickass sightreader and have a good sense of pitch.

In other news, I had to write down a list of all the people with whom I am making meal appointments at WisCon. Luckily, some of them know each other. Or ought to know each other *evil laughter*. For instance, jonquil, do you know ellen_fremedon? Because you totally should. I want there to be an Old Girls Network of Classic Dr. Who fans, hidden in plain sight as they reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.
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