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New Star Trek movie

I saw the new Star Trek movie in IMAX this weekend, with feklar, ericaceous, and barbarienne. I loved it, though I didn't think it was the best Trek ever.

Things I liked best:

The script emphasized that reboot Uhura was smart and had valuable skills, which never got foregrounded on the old show, though it did in several of the novelizations. I thought she and Spock made sense, given that in the old show she always seemed to have a strong affection for him. And perhaps it was also a nod to Nurse Chapel's unrequited crush.

My faves of the new actors were Simon Pegg and Karl Urban; both of them did great jobs with their fake accents! Chris Pine was also really impressive. Was very happy that Sulu's fencing made it in, even if you couldn't see most of it, and that Chekov had some cool stuff to do.

Eric Bana is hot when he's bald and tattooed and being a bad guy. Captain Pike (Bruce Greenwood) was also hot. I would totally watch his show.

I was ticking off classic quotes on my fingers as they appeared. Kirk and the green chick made me laugh and laugh.

And I still love Leonard Nimoy. Love, love, love. I only wish Mark Lenard was still alive, so he could've been in it, too. Though I did enjoy Ben Cross as Sarek.

And Deep Roy was in it! w00t! Yes, I am a geek.

Things I didn't like as much:

The whole explanation for the reboot. I am down with the time travel, but alternate universes belong in fanfic, imho. I would have preferred a reboot with no explanation. It felt forced, to me.

Killing off Amanda Grayson. You can't kill Spock's mom, dudes! And you don't destroy Vulcan! (Or Romulus, for that matter.)

Nifty fact: the actor who played Chekov, Anton Yelchin, is the son of ice skaters Irina Korina and Viktor Yelchin. His dad was Sasha Cohen's first coach.
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