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countdown to Bach commences!

This morning, I was dreaming about being in a rehearsal, for which I'd flown to Poland--feklar had gone with me. We were in a living room or something, rehearsing, but not everyone had shown up (lj user="feklar">, you were upstairs in our room, not singing, but apparently you were supposed to be singing. I bet you didn't know you could sing). It looked like we were maybe four on a part, a capella. We were rehearsing Verdi's Requiem.

The joke here is that Verdi's Requiem is best with a large choir, or at least a very robust one. Also, I've never sung it, though jensouschef has.

I was back to Bach on the brain radio again as soon as I woke up.

Last night was my night off! I had written during my lunch hour, as I did for three days in a row--total was almost 2000 words, not bad for a concert week. So that meant I could go home and not write. Instead I washed several days' worth of dishes, not that there were a lot, did laundry, changed bedsheets, that sort of thing, and attempted better memorization of the "Confiteor" because that one movement has little accompaniment and is very, very exposed with some difficult harmonics. I feel solid on it now, which is excellent. Then I slept. Oh, glorious sleep.

Dress rehearsal tonight. It's our first and only time to rehearse with the soloists and orchestra.
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