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2001 Reading

A while back I posted the list I kept of my reading in 1991. Here's the list from 2001. Suddenly, there is a lot of Romance, including quantities of Georgette Heyer, my all-time favorite romance writer, Laura Kinsale, and another of my ultimate favorites, Judith Ivory.

I still need to type up the other lists--I didn't keep a list every year, but there are still several more. It's fascinating to me now to see all this.

Books Read, 2001
1. Birthright, Julia Quinn
2. Everything and the Moon, Julia Quinn
3. Splendid, Julia Quinn
4. Dancing at Midnight, Julia Quinn
5. Minx, Julia Quinn
6. How to Trap a Tycoon, Elizabeth Bevarly
7. Romancing the Rogue, Barbara Dawson Smith
8. Drive Me Wild, Julie Ortolon
9. Never Kiss a Duke, Eileen Putman
10. The London Belle, Shirley Kennedy
11. Someone to Watch Over Me, Lisa Kleypas
12. The Truth, Terry Pratchett
13. The Duke and I, Julia Quinn
14. Man of My Dreams, Johanna Lindsay
15. Simple Jess, Pamela Morsi
16. Beyond World's End, Rosemary Edghill and Mercedes Lackey
17. The Proposition, Judith Ivory
18. Be My Baby, Susan Anderson
19. Here Comes the Bride, Pamela Morsi
20. Beast, Judith Ivory
21. East of Peculiar, Suzann Ledbetter
22. The Doorbell Rang, Rex Stout
23. Wired Women: Gender and New Realities in Cyberspace, Lynn Cherny and Elizabeth Reba Weise</i>, editors
24. South of Sanity, Suzann Ledbetter
25. When the King Comes Home, Caroline Stevermer
26. The Unknown Ajax, Georgette Heyer
27. This Perfect Kiss, Christie Ridgway
28. Faro's Daughter, Georgette Heyer
29. Strangers at Dawn, Elizabeth Thornton
30. Black Sheep, Georgette Heyer
31. The Defiant Hero, Suzanne Brockmann
32. Sweet Talking Man, Bettina Krahn
33. Bath Tangle, Georgette Heyer
34. I Am Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan with Jeff Yang
35. The Serpent's Shadow, Mercedes Lackey
36. He Shall Thunder in the Sky, Elizabeth Peters
37. Reinventing Comics, Scott McCloud
38. Shattered, Dick Francis
39. Love's Sweet Return: the Harlequin Story, Margaret Jensen
40. Because You're Mine, Lisa Kleypas
41. Merely Magic, Patricia Rice
42. The Duke, Gaelen Foley
43. He Could Be the One, Elizabeth Bevarly
44. Princess Charming, Elizabeth Thornton
45. This Heart of Mine, Susan Elizabeth Phillips
46. Violet Eyes, Nicole Luiken
47. The Lunatic Cafe, Laurell K. Hamilton
48. The Scottish Ploy, Quinn Fawcett
49. Bloody Bones, Laurell K. Hamilton
50. Thoroughly Kissed, Kristine Grayson
51. The Fifth Elephant, Terry Pratchett
52. Bride to Be, Jane Ashford
53. Lord St. Claire's Angel, Donna Simpson
54. Prince Charming, Gaelen Foley
55. The Dragon's Pride, Jo Beverley
56. The Indiscretion, Judith Ivory
57. Prince Joe, Suzanne Brockmann
58. Everyday, Average Jones, Suzanne Brockmann
59. Mockingbird, Sean Stewart
60. The Bargain, Jane Ashford
61. Whisper His Name, Elizabeth Thornton
62. The Bride's Bodyguard, Elizabeth Thornton
63. Harvard's Education, Suzanne Brockmann
64. Mrs. Pollifax and the Second Thief, Dorothy Gilman
65. Suddenly You, Lisa Kleypas
66. Song for the Basilisk, Patricia A. McKillip
67. Bliss, Judy Cuevas
68. Reinventing Romeo, Connie Lane
69. Dancing With Clara, Mary Balogh
70. Lord Carew's Bride, Mary Balogh
71. Sleeping Beauty, Judith Ivory
72. Forever Blue, Suzanne Brockmann
73. You Only Love Twice, Elizabeth Thornton
74. A Precious Jewel, Mary Balogh
75. The Obedient Bride, Mary Balogh
76. Frisco's Kid, Suzanne Brockmann
77. The Black Sheep, Laura Leone
78. The Shadow and the Star, Laura Kinsale
79. Seize the Fire, Laura Kinsale
80. The Famous Heroine, Mary Balogh
81. The Notorious Rake, Mary Balogh
82. Her Secret, His Child, Paula Detmer Riggs
83. A Wilder Name, Laura Leone
84. An Offer from a Gentleman, Julia Quinn
85. King Kelson's Bride, Katherine Kurtz
86. The Prince of Midnight, Laura Kinsale
87. Black Silk, Judy Cuevas
88. The Hidden Heart, Laura Kinsale
89. Uncertain Magic, Laura Kinsale
90. The Edge, Dick Francis
91. The Dream Hunter, Laura Kinsale
92. Promise Me Heaven, Connie Brockway
93. Mission Child, Maureen F. McHugh
94. Lord Nightingale's Debut, Judith A. Lansdowne
95. All the Queen's Men, Linda Howard
96. Now You See Her, Linda Howard
97. Flowers from the Storm, Laura Kinsale
98. Dream Man, Linda Howard
99. Anything for Love, Connie Brockway
100. Sylvester, Georgette Heyer
101. Mackenzie's Mountain, Linda Howard
102. For My Lady's Heart, Laura Kinsale
103. Hollywood Noir, Jeff Mariotte (A:TS tie-in)
104. The Telling, Ursula K. LeGuin
105. Redemption, Mel Odom (A:TS tie-in)
106. Soul Trade, Thomas E. Sniegoski (A:TS tie-in)
107. How I Survived My Summer Vacation, Volume I, anthology of B:tVS stories
108. Immortal, Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder (B:tVS tie-in)
109. These Old Shades, Georgette Heyer
110. The Other Wind, Ursula K. LeGuin
111. Fast Women, Jennifer Crusie
112. Die Upon a Kiss, Barbara Hambly
113. My Sweet Folly, Laura Kinsale
114. Dance, Judy Cuevas
115. No Man's Mistress, Mary Balogh
116. Gabriel's Woman, Robin Schone
117. A Woman of Virtue, Liz Carlyle
118. The Lover, Robin Schone
119. After the Kiss, Karen Ranney
120. Taylor's Temptation, Suzanne Brockmann
121. Courting Susannah, Linda Lael Miller
122. Thief of Time, Terry Pratchett
123. Brown Girl in the Ring, Nalo Hopkinson
124. Close to the Ground, Jeff Mariotte (A:TS tie-in)
125. My Beloved, Karen Ranney
126. My True Love, Karen Ranney
[trip to Greece]
127. Beyond Innocence, Emma Holly
128. Color of the Wind, Elizabeth Grayson
129. The Goblet of Fire, J. K. Rowling (re-read)
[after return from Greece]
130. The Prisoner of Azkaban, J. K. Rowling (re-read)
131. Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, J. K. Rowling (re-read)
132. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, J. K. Rowling (re-read)
133. A Promise of Love, Karen Ranney
134. The Perfect Princess, Elizabeth Thornton
135. The Devil's Heiress, Jo Beverley
136. Over the Edge, Suzanne Brockmann
137. Christmas Angel, Jo Beverley
138. Beauty Like the Night, Liz Carlyle
139. Upon a Wicked Time, Karen Ranney
140. Just Imagine, Susan Elizabeth Phillips
141. Charlie All Night, Jennifer Crusie
142. Summer's End, Kathleen Gilles Seidel
143. Avatar, Book One, S.D. Perry (ST:DS9 tie-in)
144. The Curse of Chalion, Lois McMaster Bujold
145. Wyrd Sisters, Terry Pratchett
146. Carpe Jugulum, Terry Pratchett
147. The Grand Sophy, Georgette Heyer
148. Cotillion, Georgette Heyer

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