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progress report

1500 words on the "Duke and Pirate Queen" manuscript yesterday. I finished the "we know Imena's serious about the hero because she just rakishly dismissed her mistress boyfriend" chapter and got a decent way into the "Cleopatra" chapter, in which Maxime gets rolled up naked in a carpet and carried off to her ship. Yes, I know the Cleopatra carpet story never happened.

<lj-cut text="Grumpy cut.> I managed this writing feat while waiting for the phone people for twelve hours, the window I was given. They never showed. Supposedly they will come on Saturday afternoon. I complained about the no-show, no-even-call-to-let-me-know (apparently they knew that in mid-afternoon, BEFORE I called to check in, but I received only snottiness in return for polite inquiry) and got a larger credit on my bill and some obsequiousness. We'll see. If they don't show on Saturday, it's another phone company for me. I wasted a vacation day for this. </lj-cut> Today is a sunny day, and I am trying to be grateful for my First World problems.
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